“Lucifearse” at Design Miami/Basel 2011 BSL Galerie

June, 2011


New pieces of “Luciferase” edited exclusively by Galerie BSL,400-051 vce for Design Basel 2011.A
collection which is above all a set of living organisms capable of surprising us by their
colours, textures and demeanor.keysonlineshop

So, abissology, mineralogy, vegetology or genetic manipulation…? A little of each as well
as humour, tenderness and poetry.200-355 vce For if in spite of its strangeness, Nacho Carbonell’s design
succeeds in imposing its own evidence, recognisable among all, it is also because he
knows from the start to prompt a dialogue, an emotional connection which appeals to
everyone’s imagination, sensibility and capacity to dream.keysonlineshop