DDW Eindhoven, 22-30 October 2011

October, 2011


Nacho’s new workshop in Sectie C

from 16:00-23:00at Daalakkersweg 2-8 5641 JA

With the excuse of DDW, Nacho will open the doors of his new workshop
where he moved on the first of october and where you can see
the production process and an over view of how thing are done at the studio.
He is trying to show you the guts of his creativity machinery. reveling some
of the secrets of the production process he use to create his objects.
you will find finish pieces along with pieces in process for coming exhibitions
and pieces that have never seen light out of the studio,
remining as unfinished prototype pieces or study pieces.
The studio will be in a very precarious condition since he just recently
move, but will show a good idea of the direction
that he is working for this coming future.
This space will try to show the past, present and future of his 5 years carrier.

more info…www.smallehaven.com

You can also see the exhibitions where Nacho is also presenting:

Atelierdorp, “in Between”,Vonderweg 11, 5611 BK, from 11:00-20:00

Onomatopee,” Material research” Bleekstraat 23
5611 VB, from 12:00-22:00