Por Las Ramas


“Por las ramas” is a project who shows the analysis of how things are made.In this case inspired in the technique of wrapping I create a space in nature, where you feel protected as in a fetus, The perception of home is strongly linked to the material. Making your own cocoon we transferred our emotions, needs, into our shelter. Crafts make things more human.The look of this cocoon has a strong over-natural aesthetic.I want to expose concepts as: public and private or natural and artificial, creating a contradiction who leads the project since the very begining.For the construction of this cocoons I used bioplastics (used in agriculture, they disappear after one season). This is intended to be transitory. It will eventually be reclaimed by nature, but in return nature will provide benefits to nature and it will close the natural circle of live. This design is as an optical illusion.



click to see the making of

click to see the making of