Tree Chair


This is the story about a chair that wants to find it’s role in the world, a chair that wants to give something more to it’s user than just rest. This is a story of how a chair became a tree:


It didn’t take long for her to realize who she was, she had four little legs, a seat and a back rest. She was a chair, and she sat there, admiring her surroundings and at times feeling quite miserable. You see…all the objects next to her were either wider or higher, they were older or more wise. Her surroundings were covered in beautiful trees that waved the wind past and grew roots in curly patterns. The chair started feeling restless. She wasn’t like all the chairs! She had a soul, a will to make things better. If she wanted, she thought, maybe she could be like them.

One day though, an unexpected discovery changed her life forever. While she took a rest on a tall tree, the chair realized that the branch were she was laying  had the same color and feel than her. Could it be that she was made from the same material as all the beautiful trees in her surroundings? It sure could: “Eureka!”, she cried as she tested her leg with a pinch, “I’m also made of wood!”.

The chair started dreaming of growing tall and reaching up high in the sky just like her fellow trees. She was willing to do just about anything, the chair covered her mouth and blew and blew until her cheeks almost popped. Suddenly her back rest started growing, first slowly, then very fast up into the sky. Before she knew it, her back had grown high up and had several ladder-like steps to crawl up with. Frozen in amazement, the chair had evidenced the most exciting moments of her life.

Nacho collecting leaves for the Tree Chair

She was now tall and could measure herself decently to neighboring trees. But she had always dreamed, perhaps out of a deep paternalistic feeling, to shelter people and give them comfort. She wanted to become a place were her users would come to rest and relax, she planned to collect all the leaves and branches of her surroundings and build a shelter at the top of her ladder, she would even use saw dust from neighboring furniture factories. It would be cosy and welcoming, and who knows, perhaps little insects could use it too during cold winters.

Many months past until the chair finished her shelter. She had taken days to collect materials, everything from tiny branches to pen-like leaves, and had taken months to construct her shelter. It was worth it, she felt. The chair that had once lived disregarded from her surroundings was now the pride of all trees. With her long stairs reaching high up into her shelter, she was the hope for people looking for rest, and was the home for insects looking for a place to stay.

Her new height brought her several scary moments though. With the constant activity of people climbing up, the chair would balance from side to side like a boat. She was very unstable and, afraid of falling down, the chair grew extensions that surfaced from her shelter and reached meters below to the floor. Like roots on a tree, these extensions allowed her to remain firm to the ground. She had made a statement, standing there high and proud, now firmly fixed to the ground, the chair was here to stay for years to come. -end-