Diversity 08

Diversity collection presented at Spazio Gianfranco Ferre with Galleria Rossana Orlandi - Photos by Tatiana Uzlova

Diversity is the single largest body of new work ever shown by Carbonell and debuts a broad array of recently created finishes made from gravel, thorns, resins, broken glass, monofilaments, and others.  The “Diversity” series was first presented at the Palazzo Ferre in conjunction with Galleria Rossana Orlandi.

In the new “Diversity” series, Carbonell takes twenty iterations of the same form – a

slender-legged chair attached to a narrow, covered desk – and creates distinct finishes for each with the result suggesting a demographically diverse neighborhood.   One is coated in “hair filaments” that can be combed and groomed; another in shards of broken glass from used wine bottles; another in a granular concrete coating and many more.  Arrayed in the vast and opulent 625 square meter exhibition space at the Palazzo Ferre, the works seem almost processional.

Diversity 02

Diversity 010

Diversity 05 - photo by Tatiana Uzlova

Diversity 03

Diversity 01

Making of from the collection, (video by Robert Andriessen):


Exhibition opening, (video by Robert Andriessen):


All photos here are made by Tatiana Uzlova.