Bush of Iron – Culminating piece from Diversity collection

Diversity Basel 02

The Bush of Iron, as it is titled, is the last and most laborious piece,

designed with a reinforced all iron structure which houses thousands of wire spines

seemingly extruding from the desk-like frame. Inspite of the creature-like inspiration,

the designer opted to keep the cold and serene attributes of the metal and provided it

with a weight – close to a ton – and a volume large enough so that it creates an

overwhelming atmosphere in it’s surroundings.

In the inside of the piece, the user will find a space where to rest, think, isolate himself…

always protected from the exterior thanks to the metal extrusions reaching meters into

the air. “The innards of the Bush of Iron provide one person with a private space,

protected from any interruptions”, said Nacho Carbonell, “the outside is another story:

like a porcupine, its spines are not there to make you cuddle comfortably around it”.

(All photos by Tatiana Uzlova)

Diversity Basel 04

Diversity Basel 08-1

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