Playground closes at dusk


Design Miami/Basel 2011:

Senses and memory, a research over the consciousness. The undefined connections between the senses and our sorrounding enviroment is what the spanish designer Nacho Carbonell has tried to represent with this collection, bringing the observer to interact with the pieces, waking up his senses and conduct him to a different view of himself in relation to the sorrounding enviroment.


“Playground closes at dusk ” is indeed an outdooor installation consisting of five pieces; four of them investigate the senses’s world and one, the biggest one, represents the memory, the capacity of the human brain to remember details, feelings and sensations and store them. All these pieces are supposed to be smelled, touched, climbed and heard: a sensorial experience in which the observer co-partecipate, plays and interacts with the parts, becoming not just a simple user of the playground, but also an entity to analyze in the whole context.

Auditorium, Odor, Resonator, Point of View and Memoralia are indeed the evocative and unequivocal names given to the pieces of this collection made of ladders, metal cones and emotional details.