Soft LED lightbulb

LED light bulb designed for Booo Company.

The new LED technology allows us to use different materials that we we were unable to uses before due to the requirements of conventional lightbulb technology.
With this idea present, Nacho wants to use a material that can have the same durability as the LEDs, creating a product that can last as long as the LED technology provides.
Adapting the new technology to all kinds of environments, and with the idea of durability,Nacho is using rubber to shape the body of the light bulbs,
making the LED lightbulb  unbreakable and with a soft feeling,
escaping the idea of the fragile and cold of the convectional light bulbs.

By using rubber as the primary material with a conventional and simple body shape, the new LED light bulb can easily adapt and mould into any existing lamps and environments which it may be required but  at the same time,
it provides subtle detailing through an adaptable textured finish creating a strong character for the bulb.
These subtle details also allow the bulb to be used as a stand along item
still creating a harmony within the chosen environment.

special edition of the soft light bulbbooolab1-1046x380Special edition of the Soft light bulb

The Soft LED light bulb was designed by Nacho for  BOOO

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