“Silent Wall”

Nachos Silent WALLtl

Credits: Tathiana Uzlova

“Silent Wall”

Nacho  develop a colorful textured tapestry wall,“the silence wall”.
The tapestry wall is an instalation of  6m x 3m.
occupying one of the walls of the restaurant,
more than 30.000 pieces made out of Foam
each of them with diferent pigments
representing a horizon from the earth streching to the sky.
Thanks to the characteristics of the material the tapestry wall will have an extra funtion, not only a nice decoration but also absorbs unwanted sounds indoors.

Silent Wall is sold by meter square and multiple variation of colors, customized depending the request of the client.

Presented for the first time during salone del mobile 2012 in Milan.
This specific silent wall is situated in the restaurant ” Pane e Acqua” in Milan (in the picture)