Unknown Shell


This project was made forĀ  Trienale museum of Design in Milan, Italy, for the exhibition Kamma, sex and Design. December 2012.

The pieces celebrate the unity and completeness of a woman. From the outside they resemble a collection of voluptuous female bodies. They come together as a mutated fantasy of all shapes and curves that once touched the hands or heart of a man.
The entrance is like a mouth where you can climb in and through which you can dive into the unknown. You land in the softness of the womb to feel both like a child that is carried by the safety of a mother, as well as a man becoming one with his lover. Once you give in to this deep-rooted desire, you will be rewarded by warmth and wholeness. The sense of being in her body makes you forget about your own.

After sharing the most intimate experience of being melted together, there is no way back. From a little tunnel at the bottom you crawl out, feeling like a different person.