Panta Rei

credits Robert Andriessen

In a metaphysical landscape almost lunar kept in a glass case ,  Nacho Carbonell , inspired by Italo Calvino ’s masterpiece ” The Invisible Cities ” , construct a stylised village that hides within it a mechanism archaic and mysterious.

06 RO Gallery Nacho Carbonell 3At the opposite end 12 glass blocks composed of several layers of geological sections as interchangeable to represent the months of the year in turn facing the village .
At regular intervals the gimmick suddenly shoots against the glass block destroying it slowly , layer by layer, bullet for bullet , creating a cycle of continuous transformation of matter that unexpectedly becomes liquid and flows through the landscape.

Within this metaphorical microcosm Nacho Carbonell wants to show the time , abstract concept par excellence , in his hands becomes a tangible experience and amazing.
It ‘ a time as a constantly changing , aspiration, expectation a time that breaks our normal notions of measurement to get another .
What we are facing , the process in which we see constantly , takes on a metaphorical meaning clearly and at the same time takes the contours of a functional object , an unprecedented calendar metaphysical .